GP Connect in Spine Opentest

As well as the internet accessible development environment available at, GP Connect is available in the Spine OpenTest environment.

In order to get started and create an OpenTest account, please read the following pages:

Opentest endpoints

Please note the following endpoints are available only once connected to the OpenTest VPN; please see the links above for creating an account.

GP Connect 0.x (DSTU2) service root URLs
Access Record HTML:
More information
GP Connect 1.x (STU3) service root URLs
Appointment Management:
Access Record Structured:
More information
Spine Directory Service (SDS) ldap:// More information
The base DN is o=nhs
Note: in Live this service runs using ldaps://
Personal Demographic Service (PDS)
PDS query:
More information
Personal Demographic Service (PDS) SMSP More information
Spine Secure Proxy (SSP) More information

DNS in Opentest

Some users have experienced issues with DNS resolution over the Opentest VPN. If that is the case you may need to set the following DNS names manually using a .hosts file or equivalent:

DNS name IP address
The above names may be resolved against the DNS Opentest server at:

Test data

The following data is configured in SDS, PDS and the GP Connect reference implementations. Please do not amend the data in PDS as it will impact other users.


ODS codeProvider ASIDOrganization nameNotes
A20047918999198993Dr Legg's SurgeryThe ODS code and ASID of the GP practice represented by the demonstrator


IdNHS numberDate of birthTitleGiven nameFamily nameGenderNotes
9965822014203-Oct-1999MsEmilieKewnFemalePatient dissented
10965822015013-Feb-1964MrsAmandaCurrieFemalePatient dissented