GP Connect demonstrator

GP Connect API is an FHIR® based API for communicating with GP IT systems. For more information on GP Connect API please see the GitHub development portal.

This site contains tools to explore and develop GP Connect API consumer applications.

Consumer system demonstrator

The consumer system demonstrator illustrates how the GP Connect API might be integrated with an electronic patient record (EPR) or Trust portal system.

Consumer system demonstrator screenshot

Developer tools

API reference implementation

This is a reference implementation of the GP Connect API simulating a GP system's GP Connect interface.

To interoperate with the reference implementation using your own development/test environment, use the following FHIR service root URLs:

GP Connect API 0.x (DSTU2)
GP Connect API 1.x (STU3)

Alternatively you may look the above URLs up on our Spine Directory Service.

Interactive API documentation

Interactive API documentation, built using Swagger UI, is available for developers to test calls against the API reference implementation using their web browser.

Postman samples

Run Postman samples to test calls against the API reference implementation.

Test data

Test patients and other data held within the demonstrator is listed here.

Spine Directory Service

An SDS server containing the MHS and AS records needed to discover the provider reference implementation endpoints by ODS code.

Please see here for instructions on the LDAP queries to run in order to discover the provider reference implementation endpoints.

SDS (plaintext) ldap://
SDS (secure) ldaps://

*Please note: this SDS server contains records in order to discover the GP Connect provider reference implementation ONLY, and does not contain other records as would be found in Spine test or production environments.

Opentest documentation

Documentation for the Opentest environment can be found here.